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We offer short- and long-distance thermal transport in Norway

Bama Logistikk AS is a transport company, mainly thermal driving. Bama Logistics AS operates heavily on the route Oslo – Stavanger, Oslo – Bergen, as well as the whole of southern Norway. We have a strong focus on being a quality supplier for our customers. We are one of the largest players in thermal transport in Eastern Norway.

We perform transport according to the customer’s needs. Our primary work is thermal transport of all kinds of temperature-controlled goods. As of today, the main emphasis is on fruit and vegetables as well as fish.

Our semi-trailers have two temperature zones, double floors, temperature monitoring, tracking and are adapted to railway operations.

We have a good cooperation with the train operators and are working to increase the proportion of train freight. We run large volumes of freight trains every day from Alnabru. A separate train is set up for Christmas, Pentecost and Easter when customers have a large volume. We deliver fruit and vegetables when others have time off.

We have a fixed customer portfolio, but we also take on spot assignments on request.

new fleet

In 2020/2021, 30 new Volvo I-Save will be delivered. Our car fleet is renewed every three years and helps to ensure that we always have cars with the latest technology in safety and the environment. A reduction of 7% fuel has been promised in these new cars, and so far this looks good.

Here at Bama Logistikk AS, we understand that a new and modern truck fleet improves our efficiency in addition to being a major contributor to lower pollution. We also see that by investing in new cars, the safety and comfort of our drivers is improved, which contributes to increased employee satisfaction. Our cars have a speed limit of 83 km / h.

Our semi-trailers are also replaced throughout the year. Most of what we transport is temperate goods where temperature control is important. Therefore, it is crucial to have modern materials that ensure that the goods are always properly tempered. Many of our trailers are also made so that they can be used in train transport.

Our modern truck fleet contributes to high quality and safety on road transport at Bama Logistikk AS.

Delivering fresh fruits and vegetables

Bama Logistics plays an important role in delivering fresh food from Norwegian suppliers to terminals around Norway.

Fresh food has short delivery deadlines so punctuality is crucial. Our trucks are at work day and night, seven days a week, all year round, so you can always find fresh fruit and vegetables at your local store.

Providing train transport services for long-distance transport in Norway

At Bama Logistikk AS, taking responsibility for the environment is not just a slogan. In addition to having a fleet of modern trucks, we also strongly believe that rail transport is just as important when it comes to reducing pollution and saving the environment we live in. Therefore, we send many of our trailers to Bergen or Stavanger by train and not just on the road. We work closely with our partners for rail transport – Cargo Net and Green Cargo – and continuously increase the volume of our trailers sent by train. You will be able to see Bama Logistics trailers every day crossing Norway from Oslo to Bergen and Stavanger on the railway. In this way, we can significantly reduce pollution from trucks and reduce road traffic.

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We care about nature and the environment, and therefore fuel efficiency is important to us at Bama Logistics. As a transport company with a relatively large truck fleet, we understand that by reducing fuel consumption, our pollution will also be reduced. Taking responsibility for the environment is one of our most important values.

We follow up our drivers on economical driving. We work closely with our car suppliers and use their solutions to follow up the individual so that we contribute to cleaner air. And yes, with reduced fuel consumption comes cost efficiency at the same time. It gives us the opportunity to invest in new and environmentally friendly solutions as well as offer you a competitive transport service.

Go green with us!

At Bama Logistics, we love new trucks and trailers! Every three years we invest in new road transport equipment. Not because it looks good (well, it does), but to keep our transportation services at the highest level. New truck and trailer fleet is a guarantee for fuel efficiency and thus also for the environment. It also contributes to efficient services so that we can deliver fresh fruit, vegetables and fish under the best conditions.

Employment and training

Our drivers are carefully assessed through background checks, interviews, reference checks and practical tests when hiring. A new driver receives at least 2 weeks of training together with an experienced colleague, and goes through our e-learning course.


Our drivers are regularly followed up on driving behavior through our fleet management systems. We have annual employee interviews and meetings with current topics. Relevant information is distributed continuously by e-mail, and in the event of any rule changes or new competence orders, the completion of courses is followed up.

Our partners

We greatly appreciate good interaction with our customers and partners. We experience that we have a good and constructive dialogue and find good solutions together.

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