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Bama Logistikk AS is certified as a Fair Transport company. Fair Transport is a binding quality program for road transporters. The program aims to strengthen traffic safety, reduce emissions of environmental and greenhouse gases and ensure good social conditions for our employees.

Our company has undergone the quality program, and was certified as a Fair Transport company in September 2019.

This means that we have documented our current and planned work within the areas

  • Traffic safety
  • Environment and emissions
  • Responsibility


Bama Logistikk AS is a certified Environmental Lighthouse. We were certified for the first time in January 2017 and have been through several recertifications since.

As a transport company, the environmental impact is inevitable. Therefore, it is especially important to analyze how we can reduce the environmental impact of our business as much as possible.

The biggest environmental impact is naturally our transports. Therefore, we should continuously reduce our emissions by simply buying environmentally friendly vehicles, increasing the proportion of vehicles powered by alternative fuels and continuing to train all drivers in eco-driving. A large proportion of long-distance transport is carried by rail. We optimize our filling level and have almost no driving without a load. Traffic management must always act from an environmental and efficiency perspective. This means, for example, grouping all transports where possible and using systems to find the most suitable route.

No choices are random

Environmental thinking and cost savings are always part of our decisions.



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At Bama Logistikk AS, we have the latest IT systems that support our transport chain. The systems connect customers, charterers, management and our drivers to an efficient network to ensure that our transport services are at the highest possible level.

But it is not the computer system that creates our company, we believe that behind every element in our transport business there is a person, a human being. Therefore, we always prefer to have personal contact with both our customers and employees. Our office is always open, and you are most welcome if you want to talk about work, our transport services or just have a cup of coffee with us for no particular reason.

At Bama Logistics, we believe that a satisfied customer is as important as a satisfied employee, and that they are our most important and valuable assets.

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