About us

BAMA Logistikk AS is a company in BAMA Gruppen AS with responsibility for offering efficient transport with expertise in thermal driving. The company has sales of approximately 220 million (2019). The subsidiary Sandvik Transport AS operates the truck fleet and the drivers and has about 65% of the driving activity. We are located in Nyland, Oslo.

Our vision

The vision should sit in our spinal cord. What is important to the customer is also important to us and this vision supports precisely this.

Bama Logistics aims to be at the forefront. Our trademark is that there are only opportunities and solutions, it is about seeing and finding them. Our charterers and drivers are skilled in logistics, we are committed and have an ambition to ensure that the goods arrive on time, are intact, fine and that documents are in order.

We will be the best in quality, temperature transport and the goal is to be always a preferred supplier for our partners. It is no coincidence which trucks, drivers and partners we have. We only drive trucks with a Euro 6 engine, the drivers are followed up on driving skills and all choices and decisions in the management are anchored in the lowest possible environmental emissions.


Our values


We take responsibility for our employees having a safe and secure working environment, that our customers experience quality and honesty in our deliveries and that our driving behavior and environmental focus contribute to a safer and greener traffic picture


We are flexible and always seek the best solutions for our customers within the framework and opportunities we relate to at all times.


We try to look beyond traditional mindsets to find smart solutions. Our focus is always on the environment, safety, efficiency and profitability

Team spirit

We all have a valuable piece that fits into the big picture. The collaboration between Customers, drivers and administration is characterized by openness and dialogue. We work as a team with common goals.


our history

Bama Logistikk AS is a company in the Bama Group and has 100% ownership in Sandvik Transport AS. The company was established by the Bakken brothers from Notodden in 1995 at Rødmyrlia in Skien. At that time, the company operated in Telemark with the main emphasis on delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to the local markets.

In 2007, the company expanded to the whole of southern Norway, and fish transport came in as a return from Bergen and Stavanger to optimize our filling level. Since then, Bama Logistics has developed into one of the main players for the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables in southern Norway.

In 2018, Bama Logistics moved into a new head office in Nyland, Oslo and is thus co-located with the head office of the Bama group.

In the day-to-day operations, one of the owners, Runar Bakken, is the general manager.

contact us


Nedre Kalbakkvei 40, 1081  Oslo

opening hours

M-F: 08.00 – 18.00